Borrowing from the classical fairy tales he has scored like Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast and The Happy Prince, Silvio’s life has its own magical quality. When he was four years old his father brought home “a piece of furniture”, a piano, to occupy an empty space in the family living room. This very piano became the center of the life of a self taught, musically gifted child. The seemingly accidental first encounter with the piano set the stage for an almost whimsical life of musical achievement and recognition in his native Italy. From ballet to ice shows, from writing the scores for Italy's top grossing movies to catching the popular ear with a song that recently won the Italian version of American Idol, Silvio has composed the music that has captured the vibrancy of a romantic, and very cultured contemporary Italy.


Recently, Silvio received one of his “highest” honors as he was commissioned by the Catholic Church to write an opera with the purpose of bringing together the musical themes of Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam. This challenge, with all of its historical significance, marks another bright spot in a very luminous career. To listen to Silvio's work in progress, click here.


With a full staff in Milan to manage the business of his very prolific career, Silvio has embarked on what he calls his “new adventure”. He has moved his entire family to Boston so he can be near his daughter while she attends college while, at the same time, he can enjoy and contribute to America.


Silvio’s ability to work simultaneously in two countries is made possible by his mastery of computer technology. His technical skills have served to enhance his creativeness as he has truly become a modern artist and, in every sense of the word, a “renaissance” man of today.


Whether a project calls for a strict classical approach, with full orchestration or virtual, computer generated music, or a mix of the two, Silvio’s musical and technical proficiency allows him to meet a client’s taste and cost needs. His virtual symphonic scores represent the intersection of human and technical capability at the highest level and are perfectly timed for the efficiency driven new economy. It is this adaptability along with an uncharacteristic humility in the face boundless talent that places him in his own category and sets a new and welcome standard in a very competitive industry.


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