A modern day, pop-informed take on this old tale.


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Track List


01 Snow White
02 In Altea's Lair
03 At the Court of King Wonderfull
04 Orion's Wise Counsel
05 Altea At the Grand Ball
06 Wise Decision Aurora, the New Queen
07 Death of Aurora
08 The Happy Hours of Young Snow White
09 Ball At the Palace. Sinister Decision
10 Questioning the Mirror
11 Snow White, Star of the Realm
12 Wondering in the Placid Forest
13 Gras and Fuà
  14 In the Woodcutters' House
15 Arrival of the Woodcutters
16 Supper With the Woodcutters
17 Fuliggine and Snow White
18 Fuliggine and Altea
19 The False Gipsy
20 Snow White Cursed
21 Homage to Snow White
22 Prince Eliseo
23 Guests From the Orient
24 Arabian Magic
25 Painfull Journey
26 Snow White, eliseo Pass De Deux
27 Marriage



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